Educational Spider Articles

The following is our growing library spanning various spider topics. All articles are under constant improvement due to changes in the field, and regular changes and edits can be expected. Let us know if there are any topics you would like us to write about that are not yet covered.

Male Spider's Pedipalp

Spider Identification Guide

We recommend that all our visitors read this article first to understand the basics of identifying spiders.

Black Widow Spider

Spider Bites

There is a large amount of fear surrounding spiders and spider bites. Our spider bites article was written to help calm that fear with proper education.

Removing Spiders from your Home Step 1

Removing Spiders from Your Home

Safe and easy, non-lethal measures you can take to remove a wayward spider from your home.

Panorpa Scorpionflies in Web

Not Just Spiders in Spider Webs

Dare to look into a spider web and you may find some surprises. Even if a spider is present, it may not be the one that created the snare. A variety of insects, too, take advantage of spider webs to avoid their own predators, snack on the spider’s stored food, or eat the spider itself.

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