Removing Spiders from Your Home

Male spiders of virtually all species, even those normally confined to webs, wander in search of mates.  This is especially true in spring and autumn, and many will invariably stray indoors in their quest.

Spiders such as wolf spiders, fishing spiders, longlegged sac spiders, jumping spiders, and many others do not spin webs at all, hunting “on foot” instead.  These spiders may occasionally stray indoors as well.

The mission of includes the goal of coexistence between people and spiders.  To that end we recommend relocating wayward spiders back outside if at all possible.  This can often be easily and simply accomplished:

Removing Spiders Step 1

Step 1) Find an appropriate, clear container and a stiff card or other flat, thin object.

Removing Spiders Step 2

Step 2) Place the mouth of the container over the spider.

Removing Spiders Step 3

Step 3) Slowly slide the card under both the mouth of the container and the spider.

Removing Spiders Step 4

Step 4) Once the card has completely covered the mouth of the container, invert the card and container, thus trapping the spider inside.

The last step is to take the captive spider outdoors.  Tip the container upside down and slowly remove the card from underneath.  Lift the container.  The spider will be free, back where it belongs.

One can even purchase non-lethal novelty devices for capturing spiders and insects indoors and carrying them outdoors, but the above method is simple and effective.

We recognize that in some cases dispatching a spider is going to happen, but we applaud your efforts to spare our arachnid friends.

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