Scytodes thoracica (Spitting Spider) - Picture 9

  • Photographer: Image © Louis Lenzini ("elleelle" at
  • Photographer's website:
  • License/Copyright: Used with Permission
  • Date photographed: January 6, 2012
  • Description: Scytodes thoracica females carry their egg sac beneath their body, held in their chelicerae (jaws) as well as attached to a tether of silk coming from the spinnerets. The photographer noted that this mother was tip-toeing around to prevent dragging the eggs across the ground. Spitting spiders have reduced spigots on their spinnerets and so do not construct thick egg sacs as do many other types of spider; instead they simply bind the eggs together with a few strands of silk.
  • Maturity: Adult
  • Sex: Female
  • Attributes: Egg Sacs, Lateral
  • City/Region: Rome, Lazio
  • Country: Italy

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