Blue Spiders

Of the 39 species found in our database, the following include the color blue. It's important to note that spiders exhibit quite a bit of individual variation in color and pattern sometimes. Also, in order to grow, spiders must shed their exoskeleton in a process called "ecdysis" or "molting." After that process, a spider may permanently change in color, or may be temporarily discolored while the new exoskeleton is still fresh. Please keep those possibilities in mind when using the color filter.

Spider Species with the Color Blue

Male Adult Male
Male Phidippus audax spider
Female Adult Female
Female Phidippus audax spider

Phidippus audax
(Bold Jumper)


The “Bold Jumper” is one of the largest and most common species of jumping spider in North America. The spider is mostly black with a conspicuous white, orange, or red triangular patch in the center of its abdomen. Take a close look at this spider’s chelicerae (jaws), as they have a gorgeous, iridescent sheen to them and come in a variety of colors!

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