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2007, Fall – Kyle Williams launches SpiderIdentification.org, to provide accurate spider identification guides on the most common spider species. Examples of our earliest iteration can be seen here and here. Please don’t laugh too hard! 🙂

2008 – The site stays online in its incomplete and amateur state.

2008, Winter – Kyle decides to take the site offline until he can reassess project goals and scope. Kyle’s amateur background in spiders is not enough to properly grow an accurate and useful community and informational library.

2009, Winter – SpiderIdentification.org re-launches as a community focused website with a discussion forum. The goal is to offer free, community-driven spider identification to the public.

2010, Spring – Eric Eaton and Mandy Howe become part of the project and take the lead on identifying pictures submitted to the forum.

2010-2011 – We experiment with different ways to create a content library to coincide with the public forum. One of the major decisions we had to make was what level to incorporate user generated content into our “gold standard content”. We decide to begin a process of creating species guides, focused on the given species’ identifying traits.

2011, Winter – SpiderIdentification.org is rebranded as Spiders.us. We decided to switch to a brand that clearly communicates our United States/North American focus.

2012, Fall – Eric officially leaves Spiders.us to pursue insect-focused website and content publishing endeavors. Eric’s insect project will be launching in 2014!

2013, Summer – An improved species guide and filtering system launches. This new system provides expanded detail around a spider’s identifying traits, further reading and references, as well as advanced filtering options to sort our species guides by state or color.

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